Monday, September 5, 2016

new fat loss factor

fat loss factor

The role of the MIND in fat loss is HUGELY UNDERESTIMATED. To truly maximize fat loss you not only have to be strategic about how you use your BODY, you also have to be strategic about how you use your MIND. There are ways for your mind to communicate with your body to literally TARGET FAT LOSS. If you don’t use your mind in this way, instead of fat loss you’ll just get fatigue and hormone destabilization. Furthermore, it’s essential to target specific muscles through focus and awareness or else your exercises will be 30% less effective. Think about it. By simply using your mind correctly, a 20-minute workout would be just as effective as a 30-minute workout.

Failing to maximize metabolic efficiency results in unwanted hormones that store fat. Hormonal balancing is the key to efficient fat loss.
She was right! Correct posture aligns your joints and strengthens your muscles. With greater postural muscle strength, every exercise will give you more bang for your buck!
Sugar is everywhere, from fruit juice, to soup, to supposedly “healthy cereal.” Read labels and stay away from high fructose corn syrup and other sugar additives. Due to the high glycemic index of these foods, your body can’t break them down naturally and the excess sugar gets stored as FAT. You need to balance out sugar intake with your proteins and fats for a healthy metabolism.
The problem of inflammation is widely ignored by the fat loss industry. But it’s a secret killer. Inflammation is a leading factor in heart disease and cancer too. So controlling inflammation is an essential priority not just for fat loss, but for your overall health.

Studies show that fewer than one in a hundred gym goers achieve significant changes to their body within 1 year. ONE WHOLE YEAR! That’s thousands of dollars wasted, not to mention time! Studies also show that people are more likely to stick to shorter workouts. Seems obvious, right? Shorter workouts greater commitment   more fat loss. It’s a no brainer.

And perhaps most importantly, countless studies show that QUALITY is more important than QUANTITY when it comes to working out. Harness the power of BREAKTHROUGH SPORTS SCIENCE to workout CORRECTLY and EFFICIENTLY for far SHORTER than you ever imagined.

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